Weekly Planner

  • Gratitude section
  • ​Week At A Glance section
  • ​Meal Plan section
  • ​Weekly Goals section
  • ​Habit Tracker section
  • ​Chore section
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Weekly Planner


    Stay on top of your week with Create the Life You Dream's Weekly Planner!


    This templates allows you to:

    • Express gratitude while serving as a daily reminder to get you through your day.
    • See your week at a glance, so you don't forget important dates.
    • ​Plan your dinners in advance, that way you can be intentional about creating healthy meals.
    • Be productive, by creating weekly goals.
    • Start new, healthy habits while giving you a place to track and reflect on your progress.
    • Stay on top of household duties with our, 'Chore', section.