Home Organization

There are many benefits to having an organized home.  From reducing stress and anxiety to eliminating confusion, these are

some of the mental and emotional advantages gained when living in an organized environment.  Our goal is to create a solution to your organizational needs, while leaving you with the tools and knowledge to maintain your newly, organized space.

Specialties Include:

What You Receive:

DIY + Coaching

So, you are ready to gain control over your home and get it in tip top shape! You have the vision, you have the drive, but you just don't know where to start and maybe even need a little motivation. Sometimes, all it takes to get this process started is a push in the right direction, along with some inspiration and support. With my Home Organization Coaching, I'm here to do just that!

I will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to get your home organized, all while seeing you through to the end of the process!

What You Receive


Needs of Assessment

This is where we will discuss the area(s) in need of organization, what your current struggles are, any past attempts made to organize the space, your vision/goals for the space(s), etc.


Scope of Project

The scope of project consists of you providing photos of the area(s) in need of organizing, so I can develop a Personalized Action Plan. Photos can be sent via telephone, email and/or Skype (which ever form is convenient for you).


Personalized Action Plan

After reviewing the area(s) in need of organization, I will then create a Personalized Action Plan. This plan will provide you with step by step instructions on how to tackle your home organizing project. Your Personalized Action Plan will also include suggested organizing tools, where those tools can be purchased as well as tips customized to your specific project.


Customized Schedule

You will receive an estimated project completion date, a customized schedule created around your daily activities to assist with project productivity and a project to do list to keep you on track with your organizing project.


Weekly Coaching

Once a week, I will contact you via your preferred method to serve as your accountability partner. I will remind you of your weekly tasks, answer any questions and/or concerns you may have and be an inspirational source to help you move through your project with ease.


Follow-Up Session

After you have conquered your organization project, we will have one follow-up session to discuss your newly organized space and any questions and/or concerns you may have.

Household Management

The manor in which our household flows play a huge role in our mental and emotional well being.  If our homes are not operating at its best, it's hard for us to feel our best.  Create the Life You Dream will love to help you take control over your home.  Because running a household is very much like running a business, everyone must be on board in order for it to succeed.

What You Receive:

Cleaning Schedules and Daily Routines

Home Organization Schedule

Productivity Schedule and Daily 'To Do' Lists

Prioritizing Household Tasks for Delegation

Time Management

Personal Development